In the 14 days since the Falkirk Supporters Society launched, just under 200 Bairns have pledged regular payments to buy shares in the club that will be held in an ever-growing pot of collectively owned shares. Many donated more than £10 a month.

That means so far we can buy more than 5,000 shares in the club EVERY MONTH and as our numbers increase we can buy more.

We already have 95,000 shares in the club thanks to earlier fundraising campaigns and donations from large shareholders and the club itself. Our goal is to eventually reach 26% of the club, buying 750,000 shares in the next three years.

The Patrons group which launched recently also has been a great success – they invested nearly £200,000 shares recently and will buy more. They also aim to reach 26% of the club giving the Patrons group and the FSS an effective veto on any special resolution, which requires 75% of shares.

There are now five new Directors on the Board – two from the Patrons Group and two from the FSS and Ronnie Bateman, Company Secretary. The new Directors from the Patrons and FSS were democratically elected by both organisations’ committees. The FSS elected Directors will remain in place until after the season is over when we will hold a membership-wide election to choose their replacements.

The two FSS Directors are Nigel Serafini and David White. Both have pledged to stand down (and perhaps seek re-election) when we hold new elections. We selected both on the basis of their track records and abilities – we need talented people to run our club during these difficult times.

This means that for the first time in decades, a majority of Board Members take their legitimacy directly from fans’ groups.


The club has had to face up to hard decisions. Everyone liked Paul Sheerin as a person but after the Queen Park game, it became clear that the Board had to act. They took that step and other hard decisions are likely in the near future.

The new Board will as a priority choose our new manager. They are being proactive about that and are talking to candidates. They realise that they must take a quick decision.

The fans’ Directors have been at the heart of all decisions since they were appointed. Because of company law rules they have to act independently of any group but they understand the importance of listening to fans’ opinions and considering those views when making their decisions.

We expect more changes soon – changes which we hope will kickstart the club’s recovery on the pitch and we look forward to the January transfer window.


The reason we want us all to have a real say in the future of the club may be summed up in three “P”s:
Protect the club from vultures and poor decisions, like closing the academy.
Promote the fans voice in decision making.
Progress the club’s fortunes by investing and bring fans’ talents, ideas and energy into the tent.


To increase the impact of Falkirk fans’ voices, we ask you to encourage friends and family to join us. Sign up here or if you prefer download the standing order form here and after filling it in send it to us so we can process your membership and send the form to your bank.

Our chance is now. It might never come around again, so please join us today.


We want every supporter to have a chance to talk to the new Directors. In the coming weeks, we will reach out to supporters’ clubs and have a number of events where anyone can come and talk to Nigel, David and the rest of the board.

We want this to be a new era for Falkirk, which means more transparency, better communication with fans, so fans’ Directors need to listen to you.

The first opportunity to meet Nigel, David and other directors will be in Behind the Goals in the South Stand this Monday evening at 6.30pm. All welcome – it will be an informal gathering where you can have a drink and chat. Do join us whether a member of FSS or not.