The FSS AGM took place on Monday night in Behind The Wall and over 60 members took part in a lively meeting.

After the official business, the highlight of which was welcoming Douglas Moodie as our elected interim fans’ director, Nigel Serafini spoke alongside our manager Matin Rennie.

Nigel spoke about how the new Directors had begun the process of a major review of the club – which included looking at the finances, seeking others to invest including a larger number from FSS, inviting those with useful skill sets to join the club as volunteers and he noted the fans’ frustrations with the results – he thought it might take some time to turn things around. However he did say that full-time football remained the club’s preference.

Questions and debate were constructive, though understandably robust, with Martin being as open as possible about the problems at the club and his solutions for them. Some strong views were aired, but the frankness of the dialogue was refreshing. Long-term planning and restructuring of how we recruit players was a major issue and type of player the club needs to bring on board was also discussed. The frustrations of the January window were also laid bare by the manager – one much-needed midfield enforcer who had agreed to join Falkirk looked like a done deal until his current club refused to let him leave at the last minute.

The meeting ended with the news that the initial target of members had been reached ahead of schedule, with £5000 a month being invested, accelerating our journey towards wider fan ownership. Those attending were asked to recruit others to our cause.



Last night’s AGM announced the results of the election for the new Fans’ Director – Douglas Moodie was elected to the post with John Wright receiving a very creditable 40% of the vote. Douglas will join Nigel Serafini on the Board as our representatives until the next election in the Summer. We thank both for putting themselves forward, and look forward to hearing from Douglas about his interests and experiences in a future FSS newsletter.



Things have been going badly on the park and we can all see that. Supporting Falkirk through so many years of decline is punishing for all of us. But there are seven games to go and, despite everything, it is still possible we make the playoffs, if the players can show some character and bravery. Whether we believe, hope or just wish, it’s what we all want to happen. And if it doesn’t? We’ll still be here, as we always have been.