A reminder that FSS members will be asked to elect a fans’ director this month. Anyone who has joined by Sunday 10 July will be eligible to vote or to nominate themselves for election, with nominations running from 11-15 July, and voting the following week.

If you’re an FSS member and believe you have the time, skills and experience to represent fans and help rebuild the club, then consider standing for election. You’ll be asked to submit 500 words outlining your suitability, which will be put to fans during the subsequent election window.

Join the 450+ Bairns who have already committed to increasing fan ownership at Falkirk.

Several BAIRNforLife contributors have approached us asking if they can participate in the forthcoming election. As we mentioned prior to elections in March, BAIRNforLife’s AGM in November 2021 confirmed an agreement that would see its contributors gain concurrent membership of the Falkirk Supporters’ Society, unless any individual chose to opt-out.

Unfortunately since then, BAIRNforLife has still not been able to conclude this element by asking its contributors if they agreed to their data being passed to FSS.

This means that BAIRNforLife contributors, who would otherwise have expected their FSS membership to flow automatically, WILL NOT BE eligible to participate in the forthcoming FSS elections unless they join directly. We obviously regret this, but as a democratically run organisation our hands are tied.

If you wish to participate in the fans’ director election and have a say in the direction of the Falkirk fans’ organisation you can join FSS here.


We are pleased to see that the new management team have been able to use their budget well and have signed a number of new players, as well as saying goodbye to some of last year’s team. We hope this will continue as well as seeing some loan players coming in. The signings have broadly been welcomed by the support and the friendlies and bounce games have shown some signs that we might be heading in the right direction.

Having sold more than 2,000 season tickets, there is an air of cautious optimism around the club – and every ticket sale increases the likelihood of the management team bringing the right calibre of players for this crucial season. Moreover FSS’s £5,000-plus a month purchase of club shares is also helping the club a great deal.


And with a tremendous effort from our members we can announce that FSS now owns over a quarter of a million shares in Falkirk Football Club – shares which allow us a say in the future direction of the club and means we have two directly elected fan representatives on the Board.

Our aim is to get 26% of all the available shares so that we can make sure our collective voice continues to be heard. If you know someone who might join our campaign then please ask them to visit and help the club by donating at least £10 a month.


Just a note to let our members know that tickets for all the League Cup games are now on sale – either at the club shop (Bonnyrigg Rose) or online. If we can escape the group stages of this cup then the prize money is well worth the effort – having a decent Falkirk support at these games will help a lot. Look forward to seeing you all at the games. COYB.


When the new season’s fixtures came out recently, many Bairns would have scanned the list seeking our first clash with Dunfermline. We visit East End Park on 17 September, with eager memories of Stokes’s keepy-uppy, or Zak Rudden’s long Range “squiggler.” Whether or not new legends will be etched remains to be seen, but in anticipation of at least a good day out, FSS is talking to a large venue near the stadium about the possibility of a Bairns’ pre-match party. More to come soon, but put it in your diary. Jim Leishman balloons may be available…