The FSS nomination window closed on Friday 16 July, as advertised in recent communications with FSS members. Only one member, the current incumbent Nigel Serafini, stepped forward. There is therefore no need for an election so we have today nominated Nigel to continue his role as FSS fans’ director for a term of two years.

Nigel said, “Being a director of the club I love is an honour, as well as a weighty responsibility. I welcome the opportunity to help rebuild the club, accelerate fan ownership and involvement, and turn Falkirk FC into a success story once again.”

As FSS membership approaches 500 and the shareholding increases, I ask all Bairns to help push up the numbers which is crucial to all these objectives.”

We can rebuild our club together. There’s still a mountain to climb and there’ll be some hairy moments along the way. But with everyone’s enthusiasm, energy and effort, we can do it together.”

The FSS co-chairs said, “We welcome the continuity Nigel brings to the role. We know being a Falkirk director is a big job as the club fights to regain its Championship status. An important task for Nigel, alongside his colleague Doug Moodie, will be to continue to establish the fans’ director concept at Falkirk, while helping increase FSS membership, investment and shareholding.”

Nigel has supported Falkirk since 1969 and okayed football at junior level. He is currently CEO of Lothian Buses. Nigel joined the club board in December 2021, appointed as an interim FSS director until we held an electoral process.


There are still a few tickets left for the chance for FFS members to come hear John McGlynn and Paul Smith talk about their thoughts and ideas for this season.

Check this link to get your free ticket for AN EVENING WITH JOHN MCGLYNN & PAUL SMITH on Thursday 21st July.


Since the season ticket announcement we are pleased to say our FSS membership has gone up 20% to nearly 500 regular contributors.

We would love to get it even higher and allow us to buy even more shares.

Watch John McGlynn and Scott Steel encourage you to join FSS and why it is important for the future of the club here.