Dunfermline September 17th

FSS has been in touch with legendary Dunfermline boozer, The Elizabethan, about pre-match drinks for our first visit to East End on 17 September. The pub has been very helpful, making clear that all Bairns are welcome, with outside space (nb plastic glasses only!) and food available. The pub’s capacity is 467, so it’s first-come, first-served, and Challenge 25 will be in place. They advise that it’s a 20-ish minute walk to East End from the pub, so given we’ll likely take north of 2000, worth leaving sharp.

Buses can park at Amazon’s facility nearby, and car parking is available at ASDA and the Duloch Retail park, near the motorway. The pub told us they’d be happy to book any buses in – contact them on theelizabethandunfermline@gmail.com