Our club issued a stark message yesterday: investment is needed.

Falkirk fans always turn out in great numbers, buying season tickets, paying at the gate, subscribing to Falkirk TV, buying merchandise and in many other ways. That means achieving the first part of this season’s business plan the board set out earlier this year – halving the operating loss – is moving in the right direction.

Some Bairns have however contacted us to say they thought that part of the club’s message was insensitive, given the cost-of-living crisis faced by families and businesses across the country. We understand these concerns and have communicated them to the club, and asked them to reflect.

We are extremely grateful to over 500 Bairns who have joined FSS, making the Falkirk fans-at-large the fifth largest shareholder in our club behind the Patrons Group, Phil and Carrie Rawlins, Sandy Alexander and Martin Ritchie. This is an incredible achievement after just 10 months of existence, and a big welcome to those who joined since yesterday. We want to continue to grow so we can not only help drive our club forward, but also be able to make a difference for Falkirk fans in the longer term.

The fifth anniversary of Houstie’s departure reminded us of how long our club has been in the doldrums. The harsh fact is that our club is facing financial hardship after years of decline.

There are early but clear signs that this Falkirk side could succeed. If John, Paul and the team can maintain momentum, there might be light at the end of what has seemed like an endless tunnel. To get us through that tunnel, and in the absence of an unexpected windfall, our club needs investment.

We know that this ask comes at the worst possible time for many. If you can afford to and want the club’s future to be driven by Falkirk fans, please join FSS.

But please, only if you can, and only if you agree with what we’re trying to achieve.