Nominations to the Committee

Nominations for the Committee ended at 12pm on Fri 24/02/23. As planned, four current committee members stood down and four co-optees also stood down. All were eligible to restand.

The Scrutineer at Supporters Direct Scotland over seeing the elections revealed the following results:

A Macfarlane restood for Committee.

K Beattie stood for “promotion” from cooptee to Committee.

S Graudus also stood for “promotion” from cooptee to Committee.

D Peters wished to be considered for Committee from our membership.

The following did not seek re-election:

Co–Chair S Adam.

Secretary and Treasurer P Jack.

Assistant Treasurer M Dickins.

Cooptee D McInally.

Cooptee R Wayne.

We thank all nominees and for those departing, thank them most profusely for their efforts and the many hours of voluntary time spent.

As a result, there is now no requirement for an election, ballot or hustings process. With the blessing of the FSS AGM the new Committee hope to be adopted and can start the next chapter of a fresh FSS.

You can read the Nominees statements as follows: