The second annual AGM for the Falkirk Supporters Society took place in the Brockville Bar on Tuesday 15 March. Around 45 members attended and once the various formalities (approving the accounts and auditors for example) listened to Tony Begg Head of Youth Development give a presentation on the work of the newly reformed football academy.

Tony’s talk was fascinating and outlined the principles of how young people were treated at the club with dignity, the future plans for extending the academy, the changes in how youth football is taught over the years and the aims of his work as well as showing the high level of expertise and other support the club offers to new players. He answered questions after the event.

We recorded the talk and with Tony’s permission we will share some parts of the audio here on the FSS website once we can arrange editing of the audio file. We would like to thank Tony for his work at the club and coming along to the AGM at very short notice.



The Aim was informed that there were fewer nominations to the FSS committee than places so there was no need for an election.

The new committee (in alphabetical order) consists of

Kevin Beattie
Stuart Brown
John Fleming
Alan Macfarlane
Anna O’Donnell
Paul Robertson

FSS is always looking for new committee members and would welcome applications from interested members as co-optees to the committee. We are especially keen to encourage more women to take part in the committee or people with helpful skills such as financial or legal knowledge but all would be happily received.