Falkirk Supporters’ Society was delighted to see talks on Thursday night between Falkirk Football Club and fans who collectively want to create a stronger match day atmosphere at The Falkirk Stadium. This communication remains vital to any fan-owned club.

During the recent FSS run Fans Survey, when ranking match day atmosphere from 1-5 stars, 38% of respondents rated it within 4 or 5 stars, while only 17% rated in 1 or 2. This demonstrated an improvement on the year before, but as stated at the time there is clearly still plenty scope for further improvement.

Support Liaison Officer and FSS committee member Kevin Beattie was present at the meeting.

“We had a great meeting with the young team who were very enthusiastic and we are looking forward to helping them with this project alongside Falkirk FC”

Please, as always, if any members would like to share their thoughts around match day atmosphere, or indeed any subject, then get in touch at

Falkirk Supporters Society remains the best vehicle for Falkirk fans to collectively gather opinion and influence the club. We would encourage all who want their voice heard to join us.