Fund The Football Budget

As we have previously communicated, FSS donations currently form part the football budget, and therefore, a way for this to increase is through an increased FSS membership. The 100k a year (minus Fan Bank loan repayments) that FSS currently provides was not only the difference in signing the calibre of player who have impressed us all at the start of this season, but the Club would have likely been forced to move to a part-time model. Without the FSS this team would not be together… but now it must continue to grow.

We have had a fantastic start to the season, but the management team cannot (and will not) rest – they are continually planning for the future. Despite our strong start to the season, John McGlynn relayed a message of frustration at the club AGM. He desperately wants to start looking towards the future with this squad, whether it is in the January transfer window or holding on to those out of contract, but the Club cannot give an indication on whether they will remain full-time.

There can be no forward planning.

We have a chance to change this. The club have agreed that the funds from every single new signup to FSS (or every increased donation) between now and the end of December will be made available to John McGlynn for the January transfer window. For next season, your subscriptions will ensure that we can continue to be full-time, and the forward planning the management team need can then begin.

We, as fans of a fan-owned club, are the ones who can make a difference and provide the manager and team with the best possible chance of success.

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