We Are 750…and counting!


On Sunday evening, we issued the start of a new ‘call to arms’ to the wider Bairns support – we need more members, we need to donate more! It is a hard thing to ask. The past couple of years have been a difficult time for many financially, but unfortunately launching and rebooting fan ownership (and the fan funding that this involves) simply cannot wait.

At the AGM on Thursday 5 October we heard that the club now finds itself in a position where there can be no forward planning until an appetite for fan ownership, and a desire for fan-led funding, is known. Despite our strong start to the season, John McGlynn finds himself in a frustrating position. He desperately wants to start looking towards the future with this squad, whether it is in the January transfer window or holding on to those out of contract, but the club cannot give an indication on whether they will remain full-time.

We are a fan-owned club, and we can make the difference. Every single new signup to FSS (or every increased donation) between now and the end of December will be made available to John McGlynn for the January transfer window. For next season, your subscriptions will ensure that we can continue to be full-time, and the forward planning the management team need can then begin.

You have understood this message loud and clear. In just the last 24 hours we have not only added 25 new members (welcome!), but many of our existing members have contacted us to increase their donations. We now stand at:

750 Members contributing £106,000 per year. Incredible.

We must keep this momentum going and give our club the best chance of success!

Thank you to all members, and all those soon to be members.

Join here – https://falkirksupporters.org/subscribe/