Half. A. Million.

It feels only right, with this month representing 2 years of the FSS subscription-based model, that we should take a moment to pause and look back at how far the FSS has come.

In November 2021, the FSS held ~3% of shares in the Club and on Day 1 of the subscriptions-based model launch it received 25 members. Fast forward 2 years and today…

…FSS boasts a membership of 843 who provide over £120,000 a year. It is truly incredible.

Throughout these last 2 years we have continually banged on (because it’s true!) about the vital role FSS members have played in turning our club back around, but it is about time we actually quantified this. We asked treasurer, Anna O’Donnell, to do some digging and find out just how much FSS has provided to Falkirk Football Club. She returned with some good news…

We have, this month, passed the £500,000 mark. Half. A. Million. Pounds.

We continue to say it, but it cannot be underestimated, especially during what has been undoubtedly a difficult time with the cost-of-living crisis, that FSS members epitomise the unity between Bairns that will be required to keep providing for our fan-owned club. Every single member should feel so proud at what has been achieved, and incredibly excited for what will happen moving forward together.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to join the journey to the next Half Million!!