Switch From PayPal

Many members will be aware of our PayPal issues relating to the administration, a max 2-year membership and charges that we estimated to be in the region of £5k. We announced that we are encouraging all members who contribute via PayPal to switch to a monthly Standing Order or,  if a payment platform is preferred (this is especially relevant for overseas subscribers), members can sign up via the Club’s ticketing platform Total Tickets. We previously advised members that, as Total Tickets was aligned to the Club, any subscriptions through this platform would in the first instance be paid into the Club’s bank account. The FSS Committee suggested that this money should be transferred back to the FSS to ensure our usual contribution procedures could be followed. We are pleased that an amendment to the Partnership Agreement has been signed to ensure this, and the Board recognised the importance of preserving the independence of FSS from the Club.

We have, unfortunately, now seen the first of our members, having made the final payment of their 2-year PayPal subscriptions, not switch to another payment method and be removed from our membership list. It is really disappointing, as these were individuals who signed up in the first few weeks of the subscriptions-based model and were vital in getting this off the ground. We believe that many, possibly even all, of these members are not dropping off through choice, but that the message has not yet got through to them that their subscriptions have ended. We don’t want this to happen unwillingly to any other members, so please, if you know anyone who may be in this situation then encourage them to continue their membership through a Standing Order or the Total Tickets platform.

Although many of you will still have time remaining on your 2-year PayPal subscription we would like to encourage all members to cancel their PayPal subscriptions and set up a minimum £10 monthly Standing Order to the details below.


Falkirk Supporters Society Ltd

Bank of Scotland

Account number – 21724460

Sort code – 80-22-60

If a payment platform is required then sign up via Total Tickets here.


These changes will save us the considerable PayPal charges of ~£5k and means that all of your contributions will go towards the Club football budget at a vital point in our journey to rise through the league and re-establish the Falkirk Youth Academy.

It would be greatly appreciated, when switching to a Standing Order, you could also email us at subscriptions@falkirksupporters.org with your Full Name, Email Address, First Payment Date and Donation Amount as this would greatly assist with our tracking. Your data will not be shared and our Privacy and GDPR policy can be viewed at https://falkirksupporters.org/fss-policy-documents/.