The FSS Committee is delighted to announce that after significant collaboration between shareholders, recent share donations have taken us to over a 25% shareholding in Falkirk Football Club.

Over the last few months the Committee has been actively encouraging share donation to the FSS with the aim of reaching the initial target of 25%+1 shares. The 25%+1 milestone provides both a practical and symbolic step in the Club’s fan-ownership journey, as this offers the opportunity to block any special resolutions that do not match the values of the fanbase. Bairns will now hold, through the FSS, a safeguard which ensures that the fans backing will be required for the big decisions.

Reaching this milestone has only been made possible through share donations from individuals right across the spectrum of shareholders. We would like to extend our thanks again to all shareholders who shared our vision for the FSS to be the home which unites all small shareholders – a goal we will continue to strive towards. In addition, a significant portion of the share donation received over the last few months came from members within the Patrons Group. This was particularly important to the Committee as it showed a strong unity between the fan-ownership groups and is exactly the collaborative approach that will make our fan-ownership journey a continual success at Falkirk Football Club. These share donations show a real trust in the FSS to continue to aid the governance of the Club through our Fans Directors, to provide support as the largest shareholder through our fan-funding efforts, and to be a vehicle which ensures that a fans voice will always be round the table.

Finally, we would like to thank all of the 850+ members whose contributions have either directly purchased shares or are, in part, repaying the loan received from the Fans Bank initiative which secured 875,000 shares last May. This huge step in our fan-ownership journey is the result of every single one of you and we remain in the perfect position to kick on as a fan-owned club.

The FSS Committee