About Us

Who We Are

The Falkirk Supporters Society (FSS) was ‘relaunched’  at the end of 2021 with a simple remit to put the fans back at the heart of our club. We are a fan backed group with members who all contribute financially to the running and wellbeing of our club. These contributions are used to provide much needed capital for the club we love and allow us to assist in strengthening the areas that fans deem most important  and help with any other costs associated with the running of a successful football club.

Since 2021 we have succeeded in becoming  the largest shareholder in Falkirk Football Club, meaning our members voices are heard and are at the heart of the positive changes we continue to see.

We now hold two director positions on the Falkirk FC Board each holding a max two-year term. Our current Board members are Nigel Serafini and Thomas Angus who have been elected to continually campaign for the benefit of supporters ensuring our voice is heard at Board level. We also have a committee of up to 12 elected or co-opted volunteers who are the driving force behind the FSS overseeing the day to day running of the organisation.

Our Aims

Fund, Safeguard and have your Say!

Fund – As a fan-owned club it is our responsibility to collectively look to drive success and a significant part of this is fan-funding. The greater the contributions we provide, the greater the chance we see a successful club both on and off the park. This can only improve by continuing to grow our membership.

Safeguard – Players, managers and staff will come and go, but the fans will always be there. That is why the FSS is determined to act as safety net for fans views. To do this, the FSS has secured a shareholding over 25%, therefore any outcome to a special resolution will require the backing of the FSS, and consequently, the wider fanbase. Fans will always sign off the big decisions at our club.

Have your Say – The FSS shall be a direct link between the fans and the FFC Board. Through our two Fans Directors there has never been a better time at the club for fans views to not only be gathered, but to be fed back directly to the board and (with the backing of a large fans organisation) have the best chance of being enacted on. 

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