Bairns Survey 23/24 – Results

May 28, 2024

You can view the results from the Bairns Survey 2023/24 HERE.

The Falkirk Supporters Society ‘Bairns Survey’ 2023/24 ran throughout the month of March with the purpose of better understanding the experiences of the Falkirk FC support and to gather their collective views on many aspects of the Club. Responses have been saved from the previous 2 years and therefore we can track progress from where we’ve come since we collectively took back control. This year the Bairns Survey received 1029 responses, this represented a 90% increase on the previous year. This is exactly the strong response that is required and gives a really important evidence base from which to enact any change.

The FSS intends to use the results of the survey to populate its workplan for the next season. As can be seen throughout the Club Performance aspects of the report, and as summarised in the conclusions, the trend over the last 3 years has been overwhelmingly positive. This shows a brilliant step in our fan-ownership journey which should be celebrated and highlights that things are on the right track with fans at the helm. However, we must continually be looking to improve the fans experiences of all aspects of the Club.

We are keen to see further fan engagement off the back of this survey and provide a deep dive on the many aspects that the fans believe the Club are performing well in, but also the areas that require improvement.

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