April 24, 2024

Well Bairns, we have just about recovered from our title winning weekend and have had a bit of time to reflect on what has been an incredible season so far… of course there is still the opportunity for a special invincible season too!

John McGlynn, Paul Smith, the rest of the background staff, and the players deserve our thanks for building, and being part of, a team that we can once again be proud of. A team who delivered a title for the first time in nearly 20 years. It’s a special moment that will live long in the memory for all, but for the younger Bairns especially this will have been their first, and we are delighted that they now have these heroes to look up to, and look back on, in years to come.

The final word has to go to the fans. To the fans in the boardroom, to the fans behind the scenes, to the fans across the globe and to the fans on the terraces. From Ultras1876, fan-ownership and 5000+ crowds – we’ve backed our Club on and off the park and what a difference we have made. As Bairns collectively, we have stood up and provided when our Club needed us most. Whether you’ve bought tickets, strips, 50/50s, or made your contribution to fan-ownership through the Falkirk Supporters Society and Patrons Group, you’ve had a part to play in this special season.

We are all aware of how difficult a 5 years it has been down in League 1, and the celebrations since Saturday have encapsulated the relief, hope and sheer joy of not just a title win, but a real togetherness between us and our Club. 2 years ago we looked on our knees, with the faintest glimmer of hope (and at that stage it really was just hope) that the first building block of fan-ownership at Falkirk Football Club would provide the green shoots of recovery. It is now clear that all the hard work from all us fans which led to that first milestone, and all the milestones since, was and still is making a real difference.

Of course, this isn’t the end. As fans and owners of our Club we know that the hard work must continue. So we’ll continue to celebrate this special moment, and use it to build on our fan ownership journey together. We love our Club.

League 1 Champions 2023/24, funded by the fans –

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