The Falkirk Supporters’ Society (FSS) is a Community Benefit Society which is Limited by Guarantee, including an asset lock which ensures that all funding and assets stay within the FSS structure and cannot be used for any purposes other than those stated in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of FSS, registered and lodged at the Financial Conduct Authority

The FSS asks Falkirk fans to contribute a minimum tenner a month. The contributions are then shared with the club to help fund areas within the club and pay back the loan received from Scottish Government Fans Bank initiative which was used to reach our current shareholding.  We want Falkirk fans to have more say in how the club is run as we continue to progress as a fan-owned club.

Yes, we can accept donations or transfer of shares from supporters. Please contact admin@falkirksupporters.org to discuss this with FSS, or alternatively, a transfer can be arranged by contacting gordon.wright@falkirkfc.co.uk at Falkirk Football Club

A list of our committee members can be found here.

Originally the board asked FSS to nominate two directors following four resignations in November 2021. The ethos was to establish the “3-legged stool” model of governance at the club, where no single group – major shareholders/external investors, medium-sized shareholders (eg patrons) or small shareholders/ordinary fans – had overall control.

The two Directors were elected from the membership of FSS and will serve two years after which they are no longer allowed to serve. However after FSS raised the money (from the Fans Bank initiative) to buy all of the ring-fenced shares available, the club has formally recognised the contribution of FSS and has confirmed that the two Fan Directors will be a permanent part of the club’s Board of Directors.

Any Falkirk fan can get involved in FSS by becoming a member and standing for election to the committee. There are loads of Falkirk fans willing and able to contribute their time, experience and skills to improving the club and FSS provides the platform to do that effectively and transparently.

Falkirk Football Club has one of the biggest supports in the country. We are all passionate about our club and have a chance to help FFC become more successful both on and off the pitch by influencing change behind the scenes. For instance, if we want to invest in the youth set-up, we can press for it and help fund it. If we want cheaper season tickets, better pies, a fourth stand, a grass pitch – FSS provides a vehicle to support these changes. It’s also about protecting our club from those looking to exploit, while leaving room for well-meaning investors. We, the fans, need to be in the room where decisions are made.

If the FSS continues to show credibility with a large membership, a safeguarding  shareholding, significant investment in the club, and appointing strong, independent directors, then we’ll be difficult to ignore. That’s down to us, as fans, to show the determination to keep making this succeed. While shareholding ultimately governs decision-making, a strong and engaged support makes it difficult for larger shareholders to ignore the views of the majority.

Not at the outset, no.. Overall ownership isn’t on the table at the moment, however, with a strong fans organisation we would put ourselves in a good position if the ownership structure was to change. The current FFC board supports a balanced ownership model – commonly referred to as the ‘3 legged stool’ – where there are small, medium and larger shareholders working collegiately. The FSS falls under the small shareholder stool and currently holds over 25% of all shares. What has been clear, is that previously ordinary fans and small shareholders were excluded from important decisions regarding our club. The FSS has fixed this and aims to continue to ensure that all Bairns have a chance to be part of change for the better with all other shareholders. The other issue to bear in mind is how to fund the club in times of crisis, and whether that would be easier or more difficult if we were completely fan-owned.

Membership of FSS is achieved by subscription of a minimum of £10 per calendar month, members can donate more if they wish.. The first payment will be due upon the application for membership. Membership of the organisation will cease if no payment is made 15 days after failure to collect. The committee will review this annually to ensure that membership requirements are in line with cost of living.

By becoming a member of FSS, the first thing you get is being a member of a large and growing shareholder in Falkirk FC. As part of this, you will have a vote on key decisions – FSS operates a one member one vote policy, regardless of your contributions. From time to time there may be additional benefits, but you’re buying into the principle of fan involvement and ownership.

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